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The light of the key surrounded BouncerArceus, Wolf, Spark, Miki, and Kentsu.

Kentsu: Gah, whats going on?!
Miki: This light, I feel as if, there is an ancient past, something more powerful than any Digimon has ever possessed!
Wolf: This power, could it be rising mine to a new height?
Spark: I don't understand, w-what is this?
Bouncer: It cant be...

Everyone stares at Bouncer, Wolf, Spark, Miki, and Kentsu.

In Malefor's thoughts: Those five... They are more powerful than I thought, after the Key of Power uses much of its power on them, I can steal some of the power of what the key has left so I can corrupt Bouncer, she'll do my bidding forever... After all... She is the strongest of them all.

Huvak: Amazing!
Grox Leader: Yeah!
Haruki: The Key of Power, it possesses something like no other!
Fran: Wow!
Serpenna: Yeah! You go guys!
E.D.: Cool!
Kuna: Nice!!!
Metr: FUN!
Camo: Cool!
Marcus: N-NICE!!!!!!
Lyra: There are just barely any words to describe this!
Luna and Ventez: Agreed!
Shartrace, Tamini, Talili, Zap, and Trikal: ...

The Key disappeared after the power was used up, nobody knew that Malefor stole the rest of the key's power.

Bouncer: We should leave, we might have to fight more goblins just to get back, lets hurry.
Spark: It looks like Malefor, Shartrace, Tamini, Talili, Zap, and Trikal got a head start, lets hurry before the gate closes!
Everyone: Right!

So everyone went through the gate back to Earth...

What will happen to BouncerArceus and her friends? Find out in Part 12!

To be continued.
YUS, its part 11! :dummy:

Tamini and Talili belong to :iconcorrupted-shadows: and :icondragonrage19:

Shartrace belongs to :icondragonrage19:

Spark, Fran, and Zap belong to :iconspark452:

Haruki belongs to :iconsuper-sonic-101:

Serpenna belongs to :iconserpenna:

Crystal belongs to :iconsupersmashcynderlum:

E.D. belongs to :iconbashlover:
SuperSmashCynderLum Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Sorry for the late reply. :( Wow! I love this! You even included my OC dragon Crystal in there. Awesome! I need to read the rest of your fic sometime. :)
BouncerArceus Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks :)
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